Bound Gods Video – Dayton fucked by Jeremy Stevens

Welcome to our site and check out this new bound gods video! Officer Jeremy Stevens been very busy with a case lately. In the neighborhood there were several breaks in the houses so he decided to catch the guy. So officer Jeremy went out the streets every night to wait for the moment  the burglar decides to break into another house. One night he spotted a guy walking in the neighborhood, then he seen him the next night too. Now Dayton knew that he is being fallowed, so decided not to get the officers attention.

The officer however, found this guy suspect, but he couldn’t do anything about, since Dayton was simply walking around in the neighborhood. The office started fallowing him until one night caught Dayton in the yard of one house. He started interrogating the suspect, asking him what is he doing on a private property but this guy was very insolent and the officer didn’t liked his tone. He handcuffed the guy and decide to teach him a lesson. He took him in the basement of the police station and undressed him, tied him in ropes and gagged him. The guy did not wanted to make any confession so the officer shoved his cock in Dayton’s tight asshole and started hammering him. At he end, he did not got a confession but he at least thought the guy a lesson. Hope you liked this boundgods update, and if you did, cum inside website and watch other great gay sex videos and pics!

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