Andrew Justice and Dirk Caber

Check out the next bound gods video scene, you are going to love it! Andrew Justice meets his old buddy Dirk near his office in a coffee shop. Dirk is back in town with business and is really excited about seeing his old bud, hoping that they will have some fun! They both are crazy about getting their asses fucked, just like the guys from the maverick men blog! Today Andrew is a bit pissed that his friend has not called him to let him know that he is in town for few days, but they stopped calling up each other since a while, and Andrew wanders when did their relation stopped working. They used to meet up for some steamy sex every now and then, but after a time Dirk stopped answering to Andrew’s calls. Dirk is a designer, and Andrew asks him if he would have time for a job. He wants to decorate his basement and make something useful with that place, so they set up a meeting. Next day, Dirk visits his old buddy to take a look at Andrew’s basement so he can start the work.

Only that Andrew has something else on his mind. When they get down there, Andrew pusher Dirk against the wall and grabs his cock through him pants, then starts undressing him. Dirk shows no resistance, obviously he wants to get fucked by his old pal, but when he gets tied in chains he starts wondering what has Andrew planned for this meeting. Andrew shoves hic cock deep inside Dirk’s asshole and fucks him really hard until he dumps his load in Dirk’s asshole. Have fun watching this boundgods scene and come back soon! Looking for more? Check out muscular Olaf getting ass fucked!


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