Tied in ropes and fucked

Ron had a hard week and he i very upset with his associate. If you watched our previous bound gods videos then you already know how these guys release the tension after a hard week of work, so check out this next update and find out how Ron decides to bound with his associate in order to teach him in submission. They just lost a very important business partner because Ron’s associate has not showed up to the meeting. He had to leave town and announced Ron in the last minute.


Ron feels that he worked more then his associate to build up their company, and he thinks that his associate must see him as his boss. Considering the work he’s done, these muscular studs are not equal share holders of the business. Let’s see if his associate feels the same. Ron invites him over to his place in the weekend, telling him that they need to discuss something important. When Adam gets there, Ron tells him that if he is not willing to obey his new rules, he should leave the company. Adam thinks that Ron is kidding, but when Ron drags him into his basement and starts undressing him, Adam figures it out that Ron is very serious. Ron secretly developed a passion for his partner, and now he will do with him whatever he wants. Adam gets tied in ropes completely exposed and Ron shoves his hard cock in Adams tight ass. Adam kind of likes the feeling of having a big cock up his ass, and while Ron fucks him, he blows his load. Have fun watching this boundgods video scene!

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