Bound Gods – Real life couple bounded together

In this next bound gods update, a real life couple’s kinky desire gets to be fulfilled in this dungeon by that horny master who’s always looking for fresh guys to have his way with them. This couple will soon find out that getting tied and fucked by a horny master is not as fun as they thought it would be. But they’ve been really excited about having this experience together and the master is confident that he can handle two holes in the same time. they are very good looking just like the guys from the Miami boyz blog!

When the couple gets in the dungeon, they have to learn to obey the rules, and when they are ordered to get dressed they quickly take off their clothes waiting to see what happens next. The guy in leather orders them to get on their all fours and ties their arms together, then he starts shoving his fingers on on of they guy’s ass, asking who wants to be the first  to get his ass hammered. When none of then responds to his question, he decides to start with the guy from the left, by sliding his cock deep in that asshole. The guy feels pain and pleasure in the same time, and starts moaning, as his ass gets pounded harder and faster. The other one can’t wait to get his ass dicked, but he has some difficulties taking that big cock up his ass, because he is really tight. Eventually he gets his ass stretched and filled with cum just like in the videos from website. See you soon, guys!


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