Bound Gods – Trenton Ducati fucks Branden Forrest

Welcome back to bound gods, and take a look at this new update featuring Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest. Trenton works as electrician in the factory, and he has to make sure that every machinery is supplied with power so he has to keep everything in control. As a new line was opened, they had a major power loss and Trenton been working night and day. He decided to hire an assistant  to help him out. Branden showed up for the interview and since he was the only candidate Trenton had no choice but hireling him, even if this meant that he will have to work even harder to teach the new guy everything he has to know.

After few days Trenton noticed that this guy is not very interested, even after he got walked through the things, he has no idea what needs to be done at the work place. Trenton found him today sleeping in the locker room, after he looked for him everywhere. He got really mad and decided to teach this guy a lesson. He asked Branden to follow him in the basement and there Trenton grabbed him, undressed him and tied him in chains, with his legs spread up in the air. Then Trenton rimmed his dick in the guy’s tight ass and started pumping him hard until he blew his load. Have fun watching this scene guys and if you liked it cum inside the men at play blog and have fun watching other great gay sex videos and pics!


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