Bound Gods videos – Officer Maguire

Welcome back to watch brand new bound gods videos. This one you are going to like. Officer Maguire was working in the night shift when this guy been brought in for disturbing his neighbors in the night. The officer started interrogating him, and he found out that the guy broke up with his life partner who left him. After a huge fight, they woke up all the neighbors and when he’s been left alone he started throwing thing out the windows creating a huge mess.

The officer decided to keep him in for the night until the guy chills down, but he got even angrier so the officer decided to teach him a lesson. He took the guy down in the basement and undressed him. Like the guys from the Male Kingdom blog, these men are very good looking! The officer got hard instantly when he saw how good locking and well built the guy is. So he decided to teach him a lesson by fucking him good. Since the officer likes to be in control, he tied up and suspended the guy and shoved his cock in his ass, then started fucking him faster and harder until he blew his load. Have fun with this boundgods video and come back soon. If you liked these guys check out site and have fun watching other sexy guys getting naked for you!