Bound Gods Video – Dayton fucked by Jeremy Stevens

Welcome to our site and check out this new bound gods video! Officer Jeremy Stevens been very busy with a case lately. In the neighborhood there were several breaks in the houses so he decided to catch the guy. So officer Jeremy went out the streets every night to wait for the moment  the burglar decides to break into another house. One night he spotted a guy walking in the neighborhood, then he seen him the next night too. Now Dayton knew that he is being fallowed, so decided not to get the officers attention.

The officer however, found this guy suspect, but he couldn’t do anything about, since Dayton was simply walking around in the neighborhood. The office started fallowing him until one night caught Dayton in the yard of one house. He started interrogating the suspect, asking him what is he doing on a private property but this guy was very insolent and the officer didn’t liked his tone. He handcuffed the guy and decide to teach him a lesson. He took him in the basement of the police station and undressed him, tied him in ropes and gagged him. The guy did not wanted to make any confession so the officer shoved his cock in Dayton’s tight asshole and started hammering him. At he end, he did not got a confession but he at least thought the guy a lesson. Hope you liked this boundgods update, and if you did, cum inside website and watch other great gay sex videos and pics!

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Bound Gods videos – Officer Maguire

Welcome back to watch brand new bound gods videos. This one you are going to like. Officer Maguire was working in the night shift when this guy been brought in for disturbing his neighbors in the night. The officer started interrogating him, and he found out that the guy broke up with his life partner who left him. After a huge fight, they woke up all the neighbors and when he’s been left alone he started throwing thing out the windows creating a huge mess.

The officer decided to keep him in for the night until the guy chills down, but he got even angrier so the officer decided to teach him a lesson. He took the guy down in the basement and undressed him. Like the guys from the Male Kingdom blog, these men are very good looking! The officer got hard instantly when he saw how good locking and well built the guy is. So he decided to teach him a lesson by fucking him good. Since the officer likes to be in control, he tied up and suspended the guy and shoved his cock in his ass, then started fucking him faster and harder until he blew his load. Have fun with this boundgods video and come back soon. If you liked these guys check out site and have fun watching other sexy guys getting naked for you!


Veteran Chad Rock and newcomer Alex Adams

In this next bound gods update, Alex Adams is going to be initiated in the kinky art of bondage by the veteran Chad Rock. Alex is a newcomer, so he has no clue what is going to happen, and Chad was specially chosen to initiate him because Chad loves dicking the new guys and he shows them no mercy. These hot mature studs are ready to begin, so Alex was taken down the basement, and he seemed to be pretty excited about getting his ass hammered.


Chad undressed him and started bounding the new bound gods guy in ropes very carefully, then he suspended Alex who’s ass was exposed. First, Chad ordered Alex to take his cock in his mouth and started face fucking him. At one point Alex couldn’t take it anymore but Chad was keep sliding his cock in and out of his mouth. Next, Chad shoved his fingers in Alex’s ass and then penetrated his asshole with his huge cock. Alex didn’t even had time to get used to that huge cock, and Chad was already rimming that asshole hard. One thing you have to know about Chad, he can go on and on pounding an ass all night long, so Alex had no choice then take it as long as Chad wanted. Poor guy was not even allowed to blow his load after Chad dumped his cum in his ass. Wanna see other cute guys getting their tight asses fucked by big cocks? If you do, check out the gay spanking site!

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Bound Gods – Trenton Ducati fucks Branden Forrest

Welcome back to bound gods, and take a look at this new update featuring Trenton Ducati and Branden Forrest. Trenton works as electrician in the factory, and he has to make sure that every machinery is supplied with power so he has to keep everything in control. As a new line was opened, they had a major power loss and Trenton been working night and day. He decided to hire an assistant  to help him out. Branden showed up for the interview and since he was the only candidate Trenton had no choice but hireling him, even if this meant that he will have to work even harder to teach the new guy everything he has to know.

After few days Trenton noticed that this guy is not very interested, even after he got walked through the things, he has no idea what needs to be done at the work place. Trenton found him today sleeping in the locker room, after he looked for him everywhere. He got really mad and decided to teach this guy a lesson. He asked Branden to follow him in the basement and there Trenton grabbed him, undressed him and tied him in chains, with his legs spread up in the air. Then Trenton rimmed his dick in the guy’s tight ass and started pumping him hard until he blew his load. Have fun watching this scene guys and if you liked it cum inside the men at play blog and have fun watching other great gay sex videos and pics!


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BoundGods – Sybian ride

We are back with another kinky boundgods update. After dicking so many assholes, these two guys felt the need to get their asses fucked but they never bottom for the guys they fuck. Instead they brought two sybians to ride. Both of them are extremely good looking and they love teaching the newcomers how things are being don here. In this scene they are ordering to these two newcomers to get on their knees and suck on their toes.

The horny bound gods are enjoying getting their feet worshiped while they get their asses penetrated and ride the sybians. All this time they are stroking their cocks faster and harder until they plaster those guys with their massive cum loads. Then the guys have to lick the cum off each others face. What have i told you, is this a kinky scene or not? If you want to see the second part, where the guys are back rimming asses, you will have to come back soon. Have fun until then and visit website for similar videos featuring other horny guys!


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Tied in ropes and fucked

Ron had a hard week and he i very upset with his associate. If you watched our previous bound gods videos then you already know how these guys release the tension after a hard week of work, so check out this next update and find out how Ron decides to bound with his associate in order to teach him in submission. They just lost a very important business partner because Ron’s associate has not showed up to the meeting. He had to leave town and announced Ron in the last minute.


Ron feels that he worked more then his associate to build up their company, and he thinks that his associate must see him as his boss. Considering the work he’s done, these muscular studs are not equal share holders of the business. Let’s see if his associate feels the same. Ron invites him over to his place in the weekend, telling him that they need to discuss something important. When Adam gets there, Ron tells him that if he is not willing to obey his new rules, he should leave the company. Adam thinks that Ron is kidding, but when Ron drags him into his basement and starts undressing him, Adam figures it out that Ron is very serious. Ron secretly developed a passion for his partner, and now he will do with him whatever he wants. Adam gets tied in ropes completely exposed and Ron shoves his hard cock in Adams tight ass. Adam kind of likes the feeling of having a big cock up his ass, and while Ron fucks him, he blows his load. Have fun watching this boundgods video scene!

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Bound Gods – Real life couple bounded together

In this next bound gods update, a real life couple’s kinky desire gets to be fulfilled in this dungeon by that horny master who’s always looking for fresh guys to have his way with them. This couple will soon find out that getting tied and fucked by a horny master is not as fun as they thought it would be. But they’ve been really excited about having this experience together and the master is confident that he can handle two holes in the same time. they are very good looking just like the guys from the Miami boyz blog!

When the couple gets in the dungeon, they have to learn to obey the rules, and when they are ordered to get dressed they quickly take off their clothes waiting to see what happens next. The guy in leather orders them to get on their all fours and ties their arms together, then he starts shoving his fingers on on of they guy’s ass, asking who wants to be the first  to get his ass hammered. When none of then responds to his question, he decides to start with the guy from the left, by sliding his cock deep in that asshole. The guy feels pain and pleasure in the same time, and starts moaning, as his ass gets pounded harder and faster. The other one can’t wait to get his ass dicked, but he has some difficulties taking that big cock up his ass, because he is really tight. Eventually he gets his ass stretched and filled with cum just like in the videos from website. See you soon, guys!


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BoundGods – Intense bondage

Jim is a well built, muscular guy and in this boundgods video scene he is going to get fucked by two hard and big cocks. When he gets into the dungeon very excited about having his first bondage experience, two guy is leather are welcoming him, asking him to get naked and sit on a chair. They are having a short conversation where Jim finds out what is going to happen to him. He gets even more excited and his cock grows big and hard. He’s very gifted, just like the guys from the extra big dicks site! He always wanted to get tied and fucked and his two guys are ready to fulfill his kinky sexual desires.

He sits up on that table and while one of the guys spreads his legs and ties them up, the other ties his hands. While his ass gets penetrated, Jim has to open his mouth and suck the other guys cock. When his ass gets stuffed by that big cock he starts moaning, and the other guy starts face fucking him. After a time, they switch places and Jim must suck the cock that been in his asshole clean. He gets his cock jerked while his ass is being hammered and Jim blows his big load. He will soon come back to bound gods that’s for sure! Until then check out blog and enjoy watching other hot guys fucking and sucking each others big cocks!


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Andrew Justice and Dirk Caber

Check out the next bound gods video scene, you are going to love it! Andrew Justice meets his old buddy Dirk near his office in a coffee shop. Dirk is back in town with business and is really excited about seeing his old bud, hoping that they will have some fun! They both are crazy about getting their asses fucked, just like the guys from the maverick men blog! Today Andrew is a bit pissed that his friend has not called him to let him know that he is in town for few days, but they stopped calling up each other since a while, and Andrew wanders when did their relation stopped working. They used to meet up for some steamy sex every now and then, but after a time Dirk stopped answering to Andrew’s calls. Dirk is a designer, and Andrew asks him if he would have time for a job. He wants to decorate his basement and make something useful with that place, so they set up a meeting. Next day, Dirk visits his old buddy to take a look at Andrew’s basement so he can start the work.

Only that Andrew has something else on his mind. When they get down there, Andrew pusher Dirk against the wall and grabs his cock through him pants, then starts undressing him. Dirk shows no resistance, obviously he wants to get fucked by his old pal, but when he gets tied in chains he starts wondering what has Andrew planned for this meeting. Andrew shoves hic cock deep inside Dirk’s asshole and fucks him really hard until he dumps his load in Dirk’s asshole. Have fun watching this boundgods scene and come back soon! Looking for more? Check out muscular Olaf getting ass fucked!


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Bound Gods – Alex Adams

Alex Adams has a job interview only as you are going to see in this bound gods video, this interview is not what he thought it would be. Alex worked as a stripper in a club, but after the club been shot down, he’s been having a hard time finding a new job. After reading an add in the newspaper, he decides to give a try. A new nightclub is going to be open soon, and he would like to get a new job there, after he hears that the owners are hiring bartenders, but only straight men.

One of the owners is a very handsome well built guy, who gives Alex a tour of the place which will be soon turned into a nightclub. Alex confesses that he has no experience at bartending, but the guy gets curious about hearing more about Alex’s stripper career. When Alex is asked to show some moves, he starts  stripping but the guy is not impressed. But Alex is willing to to anything in order to get hired, and once naked, the boss asks him how far is he willing to go. Watch this bound gods scene and see how Alex gets tied and suspended, then fucked hard by this guy who loves having his cock up in Alex’s tight asshole. He turns into this guys bitch but also gets the job. For similar material, enter the Cock Sounding site and see some muscled hunks sounding their big dicks!


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